1. Software developer

    I have BSc degree from Charles University, and about 10 years of experience with software development, 4 years as full time developer. But I remember playing with BASIC on Didaktik Gama as a kid.

    Currently working my day job as software developer at Barclays Capital, mainly using C# and SQL to develop inhouse subledger system. Fan of agile development.

  2. Investor
    I've started investing in equity in 2012. Value investing is my style, but I am generally interested in all finance.
  3. Warrior / Bioinformatician
    Learning bioinformatics. We need better medicine. I want to put my software development skills in use here. This is personal.
  4. Just a guy
    I like exotic and classic cars. Sports like basketball, tennis, badminton, fitness. Chess. Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Jazz. Science. Nature. Photography. Cocktails. All that good stuff.